April 8, 2012

Yank and Limey Celebrates 38 Clients in 36 Months of Business

St. Louis, MO – March 23, 2012 – Yank and Limey, a St. Louis-based strategic branding, design, and marketing firm, today celebrates three years in business. The agency opened its doors in 2009, in the middle of one of the worst recessions ever, to prosper with double digit growth in both revenues and profitability year over year.

The firm has served a wide range of industry sectors including life sciences, healthcare, construction, software, networking, and logistics. “It has been our dream to build a company where we love coming to work everyday, where there are no ‘Mondays’, and where we can sculpt a model for growth based on our position of providing outstanding marketing strategy, branding, and design that leaves clients overjoyed, not over budget,” commented Benjamin Franklin, president and creative director.

The company takes a business-minded approach to every project, benefitting from over 40 years of combined experience between the two principals, Ben Franklin and Paul Gassett, vice president of strategic marketing. Yank and Limey has earned several awards from the (AIGA) Professional Association for Design, formerly known as the American Institute of Graphic Arts, for projects ranging from branding to logo design to web site development.

“Whether it’s online or print, we understand that unless it achieves a specific goal for the client, we are not doing our job,” reported Gassett. Yank and Limey combines the experience of a Washington University MBA with the finely-honed skills of an award-winning London-trained creative director. “No other firm offers the process and business-first mentality that Yank and Limey brings to the table and that makes all the difference to the success of our clients,” he added.

Some of Yank and Limey’s clients include Shaughnessy Paper, Impact Strategies, Agilent Technologies, AB Sciex, Gray Design Group, COCA, Power Maintenance & Constructors, Dotworkz Systems, Predictive Technologies, Inc., City Garden Montessori School, and Sentrus Security.

August 26, 2011

Yank and Limey spices up Arcobasso Foods presentation

When helping Arcobasso present to a client that has a well known line of dressings, we knew we needed to go big and bold… literally. The last thing we wanted to do was create the old Powerpoint presentation. And the presentation was happening in a dining room at a restaurant… not the best place for a slide show.

So we created a larger-than-life scroll that allowed Arcobasso to present their ideas for a regional rollout in a way that had their client eating out of their hands. Well received by the client, Arcobasso is now ready to put the plan to work. This project needed a new, different, and better way of presenting a marketing concept. And that’s exactly what the client received. Learn more here.

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April 25, 2011

Yank and Limey earn Branding Excellence Award from AIGA

Paul Gassett (left), and Benjamin Franklin, at the AIGA Awards April 22 with their award-winning branding program for Once, Films.

Yank and Limey, a strategic branding, design and marketing firm based in St. Louis, received an award from the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) at the 16th annual AIGA Awards Ceremony held April 22 in St. Louis. The award was received for the naming, branding, and positioning work done for Once, Films, an independent film and photography firm. Yank and Limey received the award in the Branding Category for marketing strategy, branding, and design of Once, Films’ new logo, tagline, and web site. See more here.

This was the second consecutive year Yank and Limey took home an award in the branding category. The agency recently celebrated its second anniversary in March. Yank and Limey was founded by two highly-experienced marketing and branding experts who offer experience in agencies from London to Boston to St. Louis. The firm’s principals also offer the unique perspective of business from the client side of the desk, helping leverage marketing research and strategy to create the solid foundation of its unique branding process.

“In a short amount of time we have become the ‘go to’ marketing branding firm for companies seeking better value, fresher thinking, and the benefit of a business perspective,” commented Paul Gassett, vice president of Yank and Limey. “With our numerous years on the client side of the desk, we bring something no other firm in our industry can provide and that’s the true understanding of business principles and how to apply them to a client’s marketing and

“Over the past two years, Yank and Limey has produced work for clients in industries ranging from life sciences to wireless to a city charter school and even a podiatrist’s practice,” reported Benjamin Franklin, president and creative director of Yank and Limey. Projects have included a wide range of work such as marketing strategy and positioning, brand and logo development, interior design, signage, public relations, web site design and development, copywriting, and sales collateral. Some of Yank and Limey’s recent clients include Shaughnessy Packaging, Cofactor Genomics, Pharmigene, Agilent Technologies, AB SCIEX, Dotworkz Systems, and City Garden Montessori School.

February 23, 2011

Cofactor Genomics life science company looks to Yank and Limey for new brand identity

Branding is in our DNA. Cofactor Genomics is all about sequencing DNA to uncover the possibilities that lie within. And that is what Yank and Limey does with our branding process… uncover that which makes your company unique, different, and the company of choice.

We are pleased to be working with some of the smartest individuals in the life science industry in Cofactor and look forward to sharing the results of our branding with our followers in the near future.

Our work with Cofactor builds on nearly 10 years of life science experience by the principals of Yank and Limey. Other life science clients include Agilent Technologies and Pharmigene, Inc.

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January 9, 2011

“Show and Tell” Your Brand Story with new Web 2.v

What do superior filmmaking skills and branding/positioning expertise all add up to? Web 2.v of course! It’s a new collaboration between the branding experts at Yank and Limey and the talents of filmmaker, Greg Kiger, of Once Films, www.oncefilms.com.

How is this different than “just adding video to your web site?”

“It’s a huge difference,” quips Ben Franklin, president and creative director at Yank and Limey, the genius behind Once Films new brand name and image. “We don’t just write scripts, direct, and shoot videos. We bring brand stories to life through our unique ability to ‘see’ a brand for what it really is and convey that in a meaningful way for a client’s customers. Then we tell that story through moving images, real life portraits, and inspirational cinematography.”

Yank and Limey took the bold step of putting its principals and brand out there for all to see in our showreel video, shot and produced by Kiger. Take a look for yourself, just click on showreel in the menu to the left.

Yank and Limey and Once Films offer a combination that no one else provides… true marketing strategy, award-winning branding, and outstanding filmmaking. With the high bandwidth that is nearly everywhere these days, inside companies and at home alike… short, telling brand stories offer a powerful way to bring your brand to life. Ask us how to get started with what we call Web 2.v.

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